We at Suntech of Fairfield County, Inc. love our home of Westport, CT in Fairfield County and like to nurture it whenever we can. Giving back to local communities is something we continually strive for—and it shows in our work. For example, we recently sent out a postcard illustrating the services we provide. For those who where the lucky recipients, you may not have noticed anything particularly special about this mailing.

Although we thought the postcard was pretty spiffy in its design and content, you’re right; there isn’t really anything out of the ordinary about it. What made the undertaking special to us is that we utilized the services of STAR, Inc., Lighting the Way, a local not-for-profit organization serving individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities. With the help of STAR, Inc., people with developmental challenges can contribute to society in a meaningful way and ultimately lead fuller lives. We used the folks at STAR, Inc. to fulfill our postcard project (add mailing labels, secure postage, deliver to the post office for mailing).

What seems like a pretty ordinary task turned out to be extraordinary. They did a great job for us, and the end result gave them something of which to be proud. And, simple as it was, the work put them one step closer to fulfilling their goal of assimilation into everyday society where work = money = independence.

We were so positively affected by the experience that we will use STAR, Inc. again—for sure—and encourage others to do the same. For us, the old saying really is true: a little goes a long way.

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