There is a new generation of wood casement windows, now available with frame and sashes in extruded aluminum exterior cladding for long-lasting durability. Exterior cladding takes the exact shape of the wood structure to ensure great tightness and perfect insulation. Or, these windows can be made without a cladding. These windows come in four species of wood: Eastern White Pine, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, or there are other styles in Mahogany.

Some typical Specifications are below. These are not exact and are simply indicative specifications.

Natural and Aluminum Clad

• Insulated glass (I.G.) 3/4″ (19 mm)
• ThermalEdgeTM bronze spacer bar
• 4 9/16″ (116 mm) frame depth
• Finger jointed pine head and jambs, solid pine sill, all preservative treated
• Double arm action (roto gear) E-Gard finish
• Coppertone hardware and screen surround
• Folding handle
• Multi-point lock
• Choice of 10 extruded aluminum cladding colors

• Custom sizes available
• Choice of three different species of wood: eastern white pine, western red cedar or clear Douglas fir
• Interior finish: treated natural wood or latex primed
• Exterior finish: treated natural wood, latex primed or extruded aluminum clad
• Choice of 15 extruded aluminum cladding colors
• Exterior moulding in natural wood or extruded aluminum
• Flat casing 3 1/2″ (89 mm) or 5 1/2″ (140 mm) in natural wood or extruded aluminum
• Exterior flush moulding in extruded aluminum with nailing fin
• Sill extension
• Interior jamb extension available factory installed or loose
• Hardware finish: white, coppertone, brushed chrome, oil rubbed bronze, bright brass or antique brass
• Head or seat board for bay and bow window
– Extira plywood finish
– Pine finish
– White formica finish # 949
– Cedar finish
– Clear Douglas fir
• Screen frame finish: white, coppertone or natural wood
• Historic sill

Grilles options:
• Rectangular removable (natural wood or clad)
• Georgian removable (natural wood)
• True divided lite (natural wood or clad)
• Simulated divided lite (natural wood or clad, with or without spacer bar) 5/8″ (16 mm), 7/8″ (22 mm) or 1 1/8″ (29 mm)
• Between glass: GBG (white aluminum georgian)
• Others available on request

Glazing options:
• Low-E Argon gas
• Obscure (frosted)
• Tempered (security glass)
• Others available on request (bronze or grey glass)
• Triple-glazed glass

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  1. This is really interesting that wood cladding windows are being developed using modern materials and techniques. How much longer are these windows likely to last for with this aluminium exterior cladding compared to conventional wooden ones?

  2. vincent

    The exterior cladding has a longer warranty than the windows. It protects your investment from rain, wind and debris for much longer. It’s really the reduction in maintenance that makes cladding a cost saver. With cladding, there’s less of a need for painting, scraping and etc on the outside of your house.

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