If you are looking for windows that are made to fit your home, then Suntech can help. We specialize in custom wood, steel and other specialty windows that are ideal for any homeowner, designer and architect. Our window products provide many benefits:

  • Reduce high energy bills
  • Reduce drafts and increase comfort
  • Improve your home’s appearance
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Improve the value of your home

Suntech carries a wide range of security, impact (hurricane) resistant, replacement , storm and historic windows made from the highest quality components, including wood, steel and aluminum. We supply almost any type or window shape needed. Some typical shapes to consider are:

  • Fixed – windows that cannot be opened
  • Double Hung – windows consisting of two sashes that move up and down. Only one half of the window can be opened at one time
  • Casement – windows that are hinged vertically to swing in and out, like a door, and operated with a crank
  • Awning – similar to casement windows, but these windows are hinged horizontally
  • Jalousie – horizontally placed narrow strips of glass, lowered by a crank
  • Sliding – these windows move along top and bottom tracks
  • Paladian – consists of a group of three windows with an arch over the center
  • Picture – especially popular in ranch style homes, these are large fixe windows flanked by two casement or double-hung windows
  • Clerestory – especially popular in Craftsman homes, these windows consist of a strip of small horizontal panes set high on a wall
  • Elliptical or Arched – these are often placed above double-hung or fixed windows
  • Bow – a curved window or set of windows that expands outward from the wall of a building
  • Bay – similar to bow windows, yet typically with fewer than 5 joined windows

Our best-in-class windows and doors offer unmatched options in color, finishes and hardware from

Swiss Shade,
Custom Window Company,
Appalachian Woodwrights,
Harvey Building Products and many more.

Our professional class doors give you all the design and style options you want and expect. We provide energy efficient entry doors, sliders and French doors and architectural doors. All are built to the highest quality standards and give you a superior alternative to consumer-grade doors commonly sold through home improvement retailers.

In addition, we also offer architectural and specialty glass products, including Smart Glass and custom glass laminates.