When you cross the threshold of a Borano door, you walk past an original work of art. Each door is custom made and handcrafted by a true artisan; no two doors are alike. Our specialty line of front entry doors is made like classic mahogany furniture… one at a time. 

Borano doors boast a superior standard of a 2-1/4 inch thickness with 1-3/4 inch jambs. Whether you are remodeling or building a new home, Borano will exceed your expectations.

Borano doors are hand built one at a time by custom craftsmen so that every Borano customer receives a piece of art, not just a door! The only wood used is Swetenia Macrophylia, ( True Honduran Mahogany ), from managed forest, FSC certified, specific gravity of 5.7, naturally stable and kiln dried in their own kiln to 7% moisture content, verified by Wagner non–evasive in line moisture meters and then checked during the building process several times.

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