The character of historic windows.
Historic windows in CT and New England are integral to preserving the beauty, nuances, architectural character and integrity of a home or business. When renovating a historic structure, it is often a daunting task to replace windows of this nature because of all of the considerations. Often times, these windows have been repaired many times with a hodgepodge of different materials, replacements and craftspeople who have worked on them.

Although keeping the original or existing windows is always desirable, there is a point when the condition of a window indicates that a replacement is necessary. Replacement windows are available that will allow you to match the look and feel of an historic home. Suntech has the fortitude to work with you to move from the design process through the historic board(s), to reality!

There are many different options available to homeowners, including:

Window Replacement, which entails removing the entire window including the frame, trim, and molding inside and out and replacing it with a brand new window that is often custom-built.

Sash Replacement, which involves replacing only the movable part of the window.

Window Restoration, which can include repairs, glazing, weather-stripping, and the addition of an exterior storm window.

We carry lines of replacement windows that feature classic profiles and styling, similar if not identical to common historical window styles. Many of these windows feature classic wood frames, double or triple pane glass, insulating gas pockets, low-e coatings, and other energy efficient features. Suntech’s experienced specialists work with owners and architects to make sure that historic woodwork is not needlessly destroyed.