Custom Handcrafted Mahogany Doors and Windows
Borano is a private company led by an experienced and proven management team. They have extensive experience in manufacturing custom doors (exterior, interior and French doors), windows, wide plank flooring, and wrought iron gates. Borano customers can rest assured that their door is not only being hand crafted by the most skilled artisans, but also managed and sold by a competent and technically knowledgeable management team.

Working directly with leading architects, builders, and designers, Borano’s products have graced
prestigious homes throughout the United States. Their products have been featured in Classic Country Homes in Boston, Ocean Front mansions in West Palm Beach, Mountain Retreats in Colorado and Urban Lofts in Washington, DC. The material is genuine mahogany, hand chosen from vast Honduran forests in accordance with Forest Stewardship Council regulations for well-managed forests. Mahogany is like no other wood found anywhere. It’s strong and dense – resistant to the elements of weather, insects, and other elements that can threaten the longevity of a door. As mahogany matures, the colors transform to a deep rich red to reddish brown. With a fine texture, it polishes to a high luster. Mahogany is an ideal material for a door intended to create a legacy – and last for generations.

Borano doors are made from fine furniture-quality Honduran Mahogany (Swietenia Macrophylla). Imitation African and Philippine Mahogany (Luan), that competitors use and market as authentic mahogany, is never used in a Borano door. Their “imposter mahogany” is lighter, brittle, and prone to chipping
and warping.

Mahogany Doors
Borano carries a specialty line of mahogany front entry doors, custom designed for the discerning customer. If you are looking for a Mahogany front entry door with superior durability and unmatched beauty and style, Borano can provide you with the door that will capture the attention of everyone for generations to come. Their solid mahogany doors are made like fine mahogany furniture – one at a time and built to endure in any climate.

Borano doors surpass the security needs of high-value homes and buildings. Their standard thickness is 2 1/4”, a full one-half inch thicker than the 1 3/4” that other door companies provide. In addition Borano jambs are 1 3/4” thick instead of the industry standard 1 1/4”.

Every door is hand-carved by artisans in Honduras. No two doors are exactly alike. After every door is completed to your specifications it is shipped directly to you in a solid and secure crating system. These crates are specifically designed to protect your door and ensure that it will arrive in perfect condition.

Mahogany Windows
Choose your mahogany windows as fixed or out-swing, standard specification or impact. Single,
double and triple windows are available and you can add mahogany exterior trim in one of 3
different sizes.

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