Since purchasing the first iron monger shop in 1849, the Crittall name has stood for quality, innovation and leadership in the window industry. Today, Crittall steel windows and doors are specified for by name in areas and types of construction.

Crittall offers quality solutions to meet your design, performance, aesthetics and delivery requirements. With Crittall’s dual coating system of hot-dip galvanizing and electrostatically applied epoxy-free polyester powder coating you can expect an extensive life cycle and minimum maintenance which means the best return on your investment.

New Construction
Whether it be the most contemporary, modernist or traditional building style, Crittall is supplying windows and doors for the buildings designed by today’s foremost architects.

Crittall has replaced thousands of circa 1920’s and 30’s steel windows around the world. With the variety of products offered, Crittall can usually replicate or match exact sightlines while offering maximum glazing flexibility. For historically sensitive replacement or new construction, Crittall can help you maintain the original aesthetic of your landmark building.

Corporate 2000 Windows and Doors
A re-design of the traditional hot-rolled steel window and door. While retaining the slender styling so characteristic of steel fenestration, Corporate 2000 has just three master sections. The Corporate 2000 system is pressure equalized and double weather-stripped. A 1 9/16” front-to-back dimension allows for dual glazing up to 1 1/8”. It can either be dry gasket or wet glazed. This and its unitized construction allows for large, cost efficient, multi-unit composites with minimum coupling and shared mullions
and transom.

Corporate 2000 is equally suited for residential, institutional, and commercial applications, and can be used to produce extraordinary curtain wall systems.

Corporate W-20 Window and Door System
The classic hot rolled steel sections. The Corporate W-20 range of windows and doors offers great versatility. No other steel window system offers a wide a range of available sections, from size and shape to coupling allowing the formation of elaborate composite units. Corporate W-20’s minimal sight lines ensure maximum daylight and make it particularly popular with preservationists.

Corporate W-20 can accept glazing up to 5/8” and offers the narrowest possible sight lines.

Homelight Windows
Crittall’s Homelight windows were designed specifically for residential application where smaller typical window sizes do not require the weight or the depth of the Corporate 2000 or W-20 sections. Homelight is available in both single and dual glazed configurations. Automated production and available standard sizes, colors and configurations make Homelight steel windows exceptionally economical. Homelight windows provide a light and airy appearance, maximizing daylight, allowing the use of larger areas of glass than any other window.

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