Custom Window Company is a manufacturer of extruded aluminum window systems. They offer standard, as well as custom designed solutions to meet your performance, acoustic, historic, sound, seismic, thermal and blast requirements.

When it comes to custom designed solutions, their engineering department is second to none. Whatever your vision, Custom Windows has the tools to make it happen – if you can imagine it, then they can
build it.

When it comes to aluminum window systems, historic renovation and replication, blast resistance systems, window-wall, residential, special use accessories and custom sills, panning and trim, call on Custom Window first.

With the Custom Window Company, you will find expert craftsmanship and some of the highest AAMA ratings on the market today that insures you a product that will last for many years.

We have the information for you on:

  • Commercial and Residential Windows
  • Historic Windows
  • Unitized Window Wall for slab to slab high rise solutions
  • Terrace Doors
  • Insert Vents
  • Finish Options

The Custom Window Company has design services that allow architects and developers the freedom to use their imagination. They will work with you to create a glazing system that best compliments the functionality and aesthetics of your building. Their pre-engineered standard products and custom systems can be specified with many options to improve comfort and increase energy efficiency.

Custom Window engineers have the expertise to design your project to meet the aesthetics and performance criteria you demand. Their engineers can also provide technical assistance for acoustic, energy, seismic, special water (rain screen) or wind load criteria, as well as, condensation, solar,
or u-factor.

Architectural Windows
The Custom Window 8200 Series is designed for institutions, offices, and buildings requiring high performance and a top rated system. It is available with a variety of glazing options, including monolithic, insulated, or dual glazed with venetian blinds.

Landmark Windows
The Custom Window 8300 Series is a very a high performance window system designed for historic applications or new construction desiring the look of steel windows, at the price of aluminum.

It features very low profiles at the perimeter and true divided lite muntins in either 1 1/16” or 7/8” widths. It is ideally suited for Landmark projects, college and university buildings, and more “modern” projects desiring small, graceful sightlines. It is available in fluted, squared and custom profiles.

Special Use Windows
The Custom Window 5000 Series window system is designed for discriminating homeowners who desire the look and feel of institutional metal windows without the large framing members usually associated with commercial products. It features expansive areas of glass with minimal intrusion of the framing members, plus the look and feel of quality, energy efficient commercial grade windows.

The 5000 Series combines the energy efficiency normally associated with residential products with the much higher standards for air infiltration, water resistance and durability of higher performing commercial grade windows. It incorporates double thermal breaks and hermetically sealed, insulated glass units for the highest energy values. All opening ventilators are double weather-stripped and use durable, commercial grade hardware.

Their product features a very small ratio of metal to glass. They incorporate ventilators that swing open to the outside, and can be hinged from the top or from the side (for casements).

Unitized Window Wall
The Custom Window 6000 system is a unitized window wall system that is fully customizable with a range of frame depths and profiles to meet your needs in high rise construction.

Frames are available from 3 1/4” to 6” deep and come with a wide variety of mullions, receptors, sill channels and slab edge covers.

Their unitized systems are available in fixed, project-in, project-out or casement configurations. All systems are thermally broken and available in the full range of Kynar colors or anodized finishes.

Custom Window can meet all of your engineering needs! Whether your project requires acoustic, energy, seismic, special water or wind load criteria, Custom Window can engineer a system for you.

With over twenty year’s experience in custom designed systems, Custom Window Company is the industry leader in Unitized window systems.

Blast Resistant Windows
The Custom Window TerroShield GSA window system for non-military buildings is designed to meet GSA Security Criteria for Level C or Level D blast resistance. The system has been subjected to 10 psi blast loads per the criteria established in ASTM F 1642.

The system combines the specified blast resistance with the high performance criteria of an AW-60 window system, including 12 psf water resistance.

The TerroShield system for non-military projects is available in either standard rectangular profiles for more modern buildings, or in historic profiles for historic renovation projects. This feature makes it especially appealing for courthouse renovations where maintaining the original look of the building must be considered along with providing blast resistance.

The Custom Window TerroShield DoD
The Custom Window TerroShield DoD system for military buildings is designed to meet the requirements of UFC 4-010-01.

The system has been tested per the criteria established in ASTM F 1642.

This system combines the specified blast resistance with the high performance criteria of an AW-80 window system, including 12 psf water resistance.

The TerroShield system for military projects is available in fixed, project-in, project-out and casement configurations.

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