Swiss Shade + Security thinks outside the frame.
Since every one of their windows and doors are custom made to your specifications, they are able to accommodate your individual requests, no matter what size, color or shape. If you are looking for a cutting-edge product that combines high quality materials with superior workmanship and state of the art technology then Swiss Shade delivers!

Swiss Shade Windows and Doors are manufactured in Germany by Fauser Fensterbau GmbH, an established, family owned company, with a reputation for quality products and satisfied customers over the past 50 years. Swiss Shade + Security’s custom windows and doors can be built in UPVC, Wood, Aluminum, Aluminum-Clad Wood, and Bronze-Clad Wood. They specialize in security windows and doors, curtain walls as well as oversized sliding and folding doors.

Historic Restoration
Customized Architectural Elements will enable you to comply with even the strictest historical restoration guidelines. Best designed and built in UPVC or wood, Swiss Shade + Security’s UPVC system is certified and approved by the European governing agencies for historical preservation, to be used as a replacement in historical structures. Past projects include the University of Tuebingen, one of the oldest campuses in Germany, where Fauser windows were chosen by the German historic landmark authorities to renovate 450 year old buildings.

Aluminum Windows and Doors

  • Thermally broken 3-Chamber Extrusion System
  • Same Insulation, Noise control and weather Resistance Values as their UPVC system
  • Powder coated to any RAL color or anodized to different shades of silver and bronze
  • When combined with solid steel inlays, can be certified up to bullet resistant Security level C3 (.45 cal)

Aluminum Clad Wood Windows
These windows combine the beauty of real wood with the maintenance-free longevity and superior quality of their aluminum cladding system. The cladding system allows the wood to breath, while keeping it protected from the elements.

Wood Windows
Swiss Shade + Security’s solid wood windows and doors are manufactured by German Master Carpenters to combine lasting beauty with exceptional quality in material and workmanship. Wood windows are available in your choice of Mahogany, African Meranty, African Ramire, German Oak and Swedish Fir.

Tilt & Turn – The cutting edge in window technology
Tilt & Turn Windows have been the standard in Germany and other European countries for the past 40 years. T&T windows combine functionality with security. They tilt inward on top for optimal, draft-free ventilation and open completely to the inside, which allows for easy cleaning both sides as well for egress/regress. All functions are one handed, one move operated. It’s smooth, it’s easy, and it’s safe.

Security Windows & Doors
An investment in high-tech security windows and doors is the most important step in safeguarding your family and property.

  • Multi-Chamber Frame with heavy steel inlays
  • Multi-Point locking mechanism with a minimum of 7 internal security locks
  • Lockable window/door handle (optional)
  • Drill protection
  • Insulated and laminated glazing from burglarproof to bullet resistant
  • DIN tested, approved, and certified
  • Can be integrated into any security system with built-in sensors and electric locks

Built-in Rolling Shutter System – Added insulation and privacy
Swiss Shade + Security windows and doors with built-in rolling shutters are the ultimate combination in modern window technology for added insulation, privacy and fire protection. They can easily be upgraded with roll-up fly screens and are operated by inside hand crank or by electric motor (optional remote control).

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